Do You Believe In Magic?

1 Sep

I am very logical and realistic, my personality is not run by emotions and many would say I am not a very emotional, touchy feely, kind of girl. But do I believe in magic? And should I? That is the question of the day.

Do I believe that someone can make another human being disappear off of a stage and have them end up two towns away with the wave of a wand? No, I do not. I also do not believe that someone can saw another human being in half (while they are in one of those large boxes) and then “magically” put their bodies back together.

My friend Rocket and I went to dinner last week and met up with my friend Chris Hannibal who is a magician. I love this man. He absolutely stuns me with his magic tricks and the more often I see him perform, the harder I try to pay attention and figure out how he does what he does. The harder I try to figure out what he does he just ends up convincing me more how awesome he truly is. I have yet to be able to figure out how he does what he does. Any of it. Not one trick.

In 2009 Kevin and I had Hannibal perform at our family wedding dinner two nights before we left for Jamaica for our wedding /honeymoon. The dinner was in a private room at a local restaurant and we had Kevin’s four children, my two children, and my son-in-law. The kids had no idea what was happening that evening so as the evening began to unfold, the kids were surprised to find a caricature artist spending time with each one of them so he could draw them doing something they loved. Those large pieces of art are all framed and cover the back wall of our bonus room and we love them. Then came time for Hannibal. He came in and the kids were not sure what to make of him or his beginning antics, but after about 2 minutes of watching him – they were shocked and amazed. He did all kinds of awesome tricks with different props. One of the best all around tricks of the night happened later in the evening. He cut open an orange (after I inspected the orange and saw that it was intact) he pulled out a playing card. Just one. But the playing card actually had two sides that were from two separate tricks during the night. Kevin wrote on the side of one card, and I wrote on one side of a separate card, and here the two cards were, fused into one card and they came out of an orange. I never saw Hannibal touch an orange all evening, and I was sitting right next to him. During the evening he also had me grab a dessert spoon and he balanced it on his finger as we all watched it bend like a wilting flower. I then held that spoon and it was hot where his finger had been. He balanced it on his finger again and it bent back, right before our eyes, into somewhat of the original shape it started. Then that curvy bent spoon went right back to where it came from, the middle of the table, waiting to be used for dessert.

H and I Orange There is Hannibal;s orange

Hannibal's Magic Two Cards Made Into OneTwo cards made into one…fitting for a wedding dinner.

So, back to the original question; do you believe in magic? Have you ever taken your small children to Disney World? Did you watch their faces as they soaked in the wonders of DW – the parades, the shows, the rides, meeting the characters and enjoying the end result of one man’s dream? Their faces truly show a magical look, at least mine did. Or how about when your child accomplishes something they have been trying and trying and trying to do. Sometimes the look is triumphant, and sometimes it is just plain magical. I saw this on Morgan’s face when she perfected her round off – back handspring – back flip when she was in competitive cheerleading. Christmas morning – when your kids, who still believe in Santa, open that long-awaited gift, like Kyle finding his Play Station game in a box wrapped the size of a small piece of furniture. These are moments of magic that I saw on my children’s faces. A lot of these moments in life are the end result of hard work, planning, saving, traveling, and experiencing what life has to offer. But as children, they don’t know all of that. When I look back to my single-parent days and I remember vacations to Disney, the Caribbean, our week at the beach each year, or to ski in Vermont, it was magical. The fact that I was able to squeak out enough money so I could enjoy these fabulous memories with my kids, to me, was magic. Lots of single parents aren’t able to do this. Shoot, lots of married parents aren’t able to do this. So not only was it hard work, saving, planning, and blessings from God, there was always a little magic thrown in there; maybe not to get where we were going, but definitely the end result and the memories.

So back to Hannibal. I felt a connection to this man the first time I met him two nights we left before our wedding in 2009. Do I believe in magic? Not really. Do I believe that this man has taken his hard work, planning, practice, talents, gifts, dreams, and perseverance and turned them into something magical? Yes I do; without a doubt. It isn’t only his talent that grabs my attention; it is his quick humor and his loving heart.

You should really google Chris Hannibal or facebook him and see some of his magic. He is amazing. If you ever have an opportunity to see him perform – you should! His facebook page keeps his schedule up to date so you can find him here in Charlotte, or sometimes, anywhere in the world. If you would like to meet him, or contact him, and cannot find him, always feel free to message me and I will help you.

So Chris, since we are friends, can you do me a favor please? Can you just make one certain person disappear? POOF – be gone. It would make my life a lot easier and THAT would be magic!


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