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TV Commercial Highlight

24 Sep

I am always proud to be part of the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer family. We were asked to be part of this commercial for the Making Strides walk with Allison Latos as our emcee this year. She is a precious girl and I am excited to have her be part of the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides campaign and 2015 walk.

Check out our latest tv highlight!

Making Strides Commercial

Thank you Making Strides and American Cancer Society for all you do for all of us!


Artist Highlight #22

24 Sep

I am excited to highlight another artist for our art show on October 3, 2015 at Queens University Sports Complex. Lots of fun, local art, live music all for a great cause! More details to follow!


Peter Contre background information

Where I’ve been

 I was born in 1960 and raised in the northwest corner of Rhode Island in a small village called Pascoag, where there are woods and fields and nice folks: and my mom’s painting. I graduated from Burrillville High School in 1978. I went to Rhode Island College uncertain about the direction my life would take, but sure that I needed to draw and paint. At the end of my third year I left coll3ege and immersed myself in a two year volunteer program working with adolescent youth. After two wonderful years I romped across the country for three months, and returned to college to graduate in 1986 with a degree in History.

After graduating I spent four years in New Hampshire working in group homes, factories, and at a college, and going every possible weekend to hike and draw in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. My art became a tool that enabled me to express myself and a vehicle through which the people I worked with could tell me about themselves.

In 1990, I was accepted as a candidate to seminary in Emmitsburg, MD, where I found a long sought after well-spring of self-reflection. I completed the program but did not feel drawn to ordination. I returned to RI working at Providence College in the residence halls and filled my hours with drawing and volunteer work. I left the college to become the director of volunteers at a local suicide hotline where my hours coordinating and manning the phones was complimented by hours of doodling and drawing.

In 1998, I had a two month adventure in Africa working at an ostrich farm, and retuned to have my first art show at the Grey Gallery in Woonsocket, RI. It was a small show that stretched my abilities, and made me realize that through all the events of my life there has been two constants: my family and my drawing.

Since 2000, with an eye for a steady income, I found employment with a company that maintains real estate properties. I have made time to hike the 2175 miles of the Appalachian Trail in two long stints. I have created a reasonable portfolio that describes the breadth of my artistic abilities. And I have become a professional member of the Charlotte Art League.

Where I am

I continue to work full time for CBRE and spend hours in the studio of my home with water colors, pencils, acrylics, ink, wood carving, and moving art. I love mobiles. I want more and more to be a full time artist and illustrator and am always looking for opportunities to show my work, give my work away so that more people will see it, and search for vehicles by which I can display work.

Where I hope to go

More than anything I hope to become a sought after illustrator; and an artist who is prolific in his creation of illustration, moving art and paintings. I would like to have an annual show where my work can be viewed and purchased. And I would like to have an active home studio where prospective buyers can visit and discuss commissioned pieces of art.


Artist Highlight #21

23 Sep

Harriger (1) Harriger (2) Harriger3

I am highlighting our “head” artist today. The artist who started this entire Silhouette of a Woman art show three years ago. The artist who is artist by heart – property manager by trade. We all love our Rustovian at Primax…I am excited for October 3 to get here and for our art show to be in full swing. 7-10 pm at the Queens University Sports Complex. See you there!

Russ Harriger


I am an artist.  I have been drawing since I was four years old, church bulletins, napkins just about anything. My desires took me to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, graduating in 1976 with a major in design with a preference towards cartooning.  I chose to walk away from art for 24 years and focused on a career in Real Estate management while raising two sons with my wife, Joyce.

Since returning to painting, I have found the solitude and relaxation in painting as an opportunity to capture on canvas the natural beauty that is found all around us.

The inspiration for my work comes from photographs as well as scenery and people from locations where Joyce and I have visited.

Art is my passion.   Another passion is to support the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and find a cure.   I do this for my wife, my sisters, my mother, and my granddaughters so that one day the phrase “you have breast cancer” will not have to be heard.



Highlight Artist #20

22 Sep

I am highlighting another artist for our art show on October 3, 2015, at Queens University Sports Complex. Our show is open from 7-10 pm and we are looking forward to sharing our artists with our team members, our friends, families, and business associates. Follow us on instagram #PrimaxPinkWarriors or twitter @laurarenegarPPW for more details.

Yolanda Chisholm 

Her photography style and images captured are a reflection of those things that she loves and appreciates – nature, in all its glory. From the mountains to the coast, North Carolina and beyond, as an artist her desire is to share a sense of happiness and warmth, using natural light.

Chisholm (4) Chisholm (3) Chisholm (2) Chisholm (1)



Emcee Highlight

21 Sep

I am taking a break from posting blogs about our artists and I am highlighting our wonderful emcee today.  This will be Kelly’s second year being the emcee at the Silhouette of a Woman but she has been involved in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer community for years. In fact, that is how I met her.

I was in the middle of my breast cancer battle and the American Cancer Society asked me to speak at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer  kickoff breakfast. There I stood, my skin was gray and my bald head was covered by my Wiglet and a baseball hat, scared to death to speak in front of people. I had never done this before, not a public event like this, and the words I had to say were frightening all on their own. I told about my cancer battle up to that point and I told everyone I was just a few weeks away from having my bilateral mastectomy and my ovary removal. I was just coming out of chemotherapy and facing an 8 hour surgery; a very difficult surgery in many ways. But there I was, at the Nascar Hall of Fame, looking out at all of these strangers and telling my story. I reminded everyone to get their mammograms and explained how early detection saved my life. There were a few tv and radio personalities in the room and one of them was Kelly McKay. At that time she was working for 107.9 The Link on the Kelly McKay show. I listened to her every day and there I was standing with her at this event. After I was done speaking it was time for Kelly to say some words about the American Cancer Society and I will always remember this – she was crying. Not just a tear or two, she was visibly moved, and crying. After this event we talked about seeing each other at the walk in October and I remember that day clearly too. I walked the full three miles that morning, with my team, and it was only a month after my surgery. I was still on pain medication – but I did the full walk and when I came to the finish line there was Kelly with a microphone in her hand and she wanted to interview me. She said “girl, I have been waiting for you” and we have been friends ever since.

Kelly has left radio after 25 years and now has her own business. She is busy, she is happy, and she is full of fun and life. We have shared laughter, and we have shared tears, and I am honored that she is such a good friend. There are many silver linings to having had cancer and meeting Kelly was one of them.

I know you will be happy to meet her when she emcees our art show – she LOVES local art – and she loves being around people, supporting Making Strides, and the Primax Pink Warriors.

It truly is my honor to introduce to you today, in our emcee highlight, Kelly McKay.

Kelly McKay 2015



Artist Highlight #20

20 Sep

Burd ByrdMy artist highlight this morning is fun and loveable. Her art is unique to our art show and I am excited to see it in person. Our Silhouette art show is going to be terrific – so I hope you will join us on October 3, 2015 at 7 pm. Our silent auctions are really great and the artists are the best. See you then. More details to follow.

Jody Burd

I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I am married to the best man ever. My gift from God is my creativity.  Several years back I came up with the idea of making animals out of old wool sweaters.  A suggestion from a friend to make them child friendly is how I came to use sheep wool for the faces.

As I start to make an animal, I put the cut up sweater on my work table and decide who it will become – an owl or cat or rabbit.   As I cut, sew and stuff, the animal takes shape and their personality comes out. That personality is what draws a person it. It is so much fun to watch someone look thru the animals and the smile come to their face when they find the perfect Sweater Creature for them.

Artist Highlight #19

19 Sep

Holmes (1) Holmes (2) Holmes (3)I am excited to do another artist highlight post for our Silhouette of a Woman art show on October 3, 2015, at Queens University Sports Complex – 2229 Tyvola Road – Charlotte. It’s going to be such a great event. Mark your calendars and watch for details!


Nancy Holmes

Nancy, a native of North Carolina, was born in Wilmington and grew up in Raleigh. Once completing her Commercial Art degree, started her career as an Artist/Illustrator with the state of North Carolina covering everything from illustrations for various media to 3-dimensional displays to 4-color print publications. Every day at work was new adventure. Moving next to being an Art Director of a magazine, then a designer for the advertising department at one of the largest newspapers in Virginia. Deadlines galore!

Her love and passion for art is displayed in her oil paintings. Mood and color being her main focus during this series of paintings. Focusing primarily on landscapes currently, she also has loved experimenting with varying subjects. Always continuing to play and be challenged helps keep the mind creating!!

This past year she was fortunate enough to be an Artist in Residence at Butler Studios. She currently is showing at FABO on Park Road and just finished a show at Christ Church, along with having been in student shows at Red Sky Gallery, Providence Gallery and has been involved with numerous fundraisers that include Art With Heart. She has studied with artists both regionally and/or nationally known, such as Curt Butler, Kelly Sanford, Andy Braitman and Barbara Janecke.

Nancy will be happy to talk with you! She can be reached at or 704-582-3524.


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