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Artist Highlight #19

19 Sep

Holmes (1) Holmes (2) Holmes (3)I am excited to do another artist highlight post for our Silhouette of a Woman art show on October 3, 2015, at Queens University Sports Complex – 2229 Tyvola Road – Charlotte. It’s going to be such a great event. Mark your calendars and watch for details!


Nancy Holmes

Nancy, a native of North Carolina, was born in Wilmington and grew up in Raleigh. Once completing her Commercial Art degree, started her career as an Artist/Illustrator with the state of North Carolina covering everything from illustrations for various media to 3-dimensional displays to 4-color print publications. Every day at work was new adventure. Moving next to being an Art Director of a magazine, then a designer for the advertising department at one of the largest newspapers in Virginia. Deadlines galore!

Her love and passion for art is displayed in her oil paintings. Mood and color being her main focus during this series of paintings. Focusing primarily on landscapes currently, she also has loved experimenting with varying subjects. Always continuing to play and be challenged helps keep the mind creating!!

This past year she was fortunate enough to be an Artist in Residence at Butler Studios. She currently is showing at FABO on Park Road and just finished a show at Christ Church, along with having been in student shows at Red Sky Gallery, Providence Gallery and has been involved with numerous fundraisers that include Art With Heart. She has studied with artists both regionally and/or nationally known, such as Curt Butler, Kelly Sanford, Andy Braitman and Barbara Janecke.

Nancy will be happy to talk with you! She can be reached at or 704-582-3524.


Artist Highlight #18

18 Sep






Our Silhouette of a Woman art show, on October 3, 2015, has a surprise artist.  The only way to understand her art, or her heart, is to come and meet her. That’s all I am saying!

Artist Highlight #17

17 Sep

I am honored to highlight our 17th artist(s) for the Silhouette art show. The jewelry these three women make is outstanding and so beautiful. Please mark your calendars for October 3, 2015 at Queens University Sports Complex in Charlotte NC…you don’t want to miss all of these artists!


Company Biography

6 Hands Studio LLC is a creative collaboration between Laura Dahl, Cheryl DeSellier and Cheryl Lecroy.

Founded in 2013 in Easley, South Carolina, 6 Hands Studio takes advantage of collectively over 3o years designing and creating custom jewelry. Textural designs in sterling silver and mixed metals primarily incorporate our original images of botanical, nature and equine themes. Our success is built on the premise that sharing ideas and skills multiplies creativity. We are gardeners, epicureans, naturalists, horse and animal enthusiasts. Together we imagine, develop and create

our own unique and original works. All of this plus a deep respect for each other and a true joy of spending time

together creates a uniquely creative work environment.  Their website is:

Artist Statements

Laura Dahl: A naturalist by nature and education, I am fascinated by the many ways art and science intersect. The connections occur visually, through themes and textures and physically, through the processes that transform raw materials and visions. For me, the creative process is in the exploration of what works, aesthetically and physically. I am often inspired by objects and textures found in the garden, beach and forest.  My background includes 20 years as a studio jeweler and teacher. Being a fiber artist, forester and farmer provides the textural threads of my perspective. I have spent most of my life nurturing animals, plants and kids. I raise mushrooms and am passionate about gardening and can often be found in the company of my horses, dogs and cats.

Cheryl DeSellier:  A graphic designer by profession and a jeweler by choice is a combination that has allowed me to create many of the custom patterns used in our designs.  Many of these designs and patterns are found in the environment that surrounds us and reformatted into attractive and sometimes abstract, patterns. I began riding horses at the age of nine, focusing more on dressage as an adult. For several years I owned a tack shop and noticed the selection of equine-related jewelry was rather limited. That idea stuck in my head until the same conclusion was realized by others namely, Laura Dahl and Cheryl Lecroy. Thus, the birth of 6 Hands Studio came to be.

Cheryl Lecroy: In 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through chemotherapy and radiation. To keep my mind active and engaged while taking chemo, I started making jewelry during each 5 hour chemo treatment. At the end of 6 treatments I had 6 finished pieces of jewelry called my “triumph jewels.” I used this time to explore jewelry fabrication and found that it brought me great joy. I am now thrilled to be a co-owner in 6 Hands Studio. My experience in marketing, design, and sales is a plus and I bring excitement of exploration and playfulness to the design element of 6 Hands Studio work. My journey with cancer has completely transformed my life and in addition to 6 Hands Studio, I also provide cancer coaching to help other cancer survivors with diet, nutrition and wellness.

6Hands Studio DSC_0013sm DSC_0016sm6Hands Studio

Another Sneak Peek Into Our Art Show

16 Sep

Sneak Peek 3The third annual Silhouette of a Woman will be held at Queens University Sports Complex on October 3, 2015, featuring 30 local artists, live music, and Kelly McKay! Our artists are fabulous – don’t you agree?

Artist Highlight #16

16 Sep

11025739_687563461355496_902285251147030872_n 11174890_684924281619414_7203509367451015639_n 11393608_10206292773213922_4988586651443859574_oI love posting highlights about our artists for our Silhouette of a Woman art show on October 3, 2015 at Queens University Sports Complex from 7-9 pm. Our emcee for the evening is Kelly McKay and we have live music too! Come check it out.

Susan Dunn

I am a native Texan currently living in Charlotte. I am a graduate of the Art Institute of Houston. My degree is in Photography but I enjoy many mediums to create my art.  I have lived in many places including Europe; I think all of these experiences have had an impact on my art.  Currently I am exploring Fiber Art.

Creating makes me happy and brings me joy.  I love to see people enjoying my work, especially my wearable art.


Artist Highlight #15

15 Sep

I love highlighting our artists! This is artist #15 for our Silhouette of a Woman art show being held on October 3, 2015, at Queens University Sports Complex, 2229 Tyvola Road from 7-10 pm. More details to follow…and keep watching for more talented artists!


Jerry McQuay

 I am a Charlotte native and have drawn, sketched, and painted as long as I remember.

I am a full-time artist. I work both at home and at my working studio in the SouthEnd. I enjoy my space at the Charlotte Art League – it enables me to work freely, as well as display my work to our many visitors!

I particularly enjoy painting portraits and the human figure – along with landscapes, sports art, urban scenes, and sometimes, maybe some social commentary.

I also paint wall murals.

I am available for commissions. Feel free to visit my studio or just give me a call. I’d love to hear from you!


Georgia Girl Lock and Load

One Year Ago Tonight

14 Sep

I have been so busy blogging about our upcoming art show, working on our upcoming Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, talking to some newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, keeping my Triple Negative Breast Cancer Group running, helping with the media posts for Queen City in Pink for CREW and breast cancer awareness month, and working – I forgot what tomorrow is. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary to what I hope was my last breast cancer surgery ever. I cannot believe that one year ago right now I was sitting where I am right now, blogging about the surgery I was facing the next day, and getting myself psyched up to be put back together – once again.

What a year it’s been! My reconstruction still looks terrific – thank you Dr. Appel – you ARE the best plastic surgeon in the world. My granddaughter was born, we had a very successful Strides year, I lost two friends to triple negative breast cancer, and several of my friends have been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. What a year indeed.

There are some days – usually in September and October that all I can see or think about is PINK. But after October passes and life eases into November, the PINK starts to fade and my life goes back to a more normal pace. Sometimes these days are heavy – but all I need to hear is that I have helped someone with a breast cancer question, issue, or hard time – and my load is suddenly lighter! It is amazing being able to help people in their darkest times and know that in some small way, I made a difference.

My friends worry about the “cancer load” the “cancer life” the “negative cancer impact” that surrounds my life and takes up my evenings and a lot of my heart. But if anyone could see inside me they would know that this is really what I am supposed to be doing. Not forever; but for today – and tomorrow too. I am making a difference in the lives of people in a sad and scary time. Yes there is loss and heartbreak sometimes, but the bonds of friendship I have formed with women from all over have far outweighed the loss. I would rather have had these women in my life and gotten to know them, than to never have met them at all. Hands down, this is the most amazing part of my own cancer diagnosis. And I have my survivor friends; the amazing friends who have survived cancer and kicked butt. These women inspire me every single day.

I sat next to my friend Leigh tonight at my Strides meeting and we were all talking about the survivor reception being held in two weeks. Leigh usually volunteers at this event each year but this year, she will be going as a survivor. You see, she was diagnosed this summer and is in the process of having reconstruction now. I didn’t overlook that message tonight, that feeling that something was tugging at my heart that needed to be said. So here I sit in the same chair I sat in a year ago. Last year I was facing reconstruction again, this year I am happy and healthy and moving forward. Last year Leigh was in Africa on a mission trip and this year she has expanders in her chest and is facing more surgeries.

So I have to say, I have cherished my moments from last year to tonight – the ups and downs of life. We all have them – it just boils down to what you learn from these ups and downs and what you do with that knowledge. Me? I am, for now, staying in the breast cancer arena and looking forward to breast cancer awareness month. I have several opportunities to speak in public and while I am up there, doing what I do, I am going to shine the light on triple negative breast cancer and I am going to remind every single person in the room to get their mammograms, do self exams, and get clinical breast exams. And if you happen to be a male in the room – I want you to ask your daughter, your sister, your Mom and your wife. You would be amazed at the people who are just not taking this disease seriously. Early detection saves lives. And personally, I think I know life is far too precious to ignore those three simple questions. When I wake up tomorrow I know that my heart will be full and I will be thankful that I have had another year to make memories.

Get your mammograms people. Do self exams at the same time every single month. And remember to get your clinical breast exams. Please.

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